Nanowrimo 2014

Posted by Chris Rosser on Fri 31 October 2014
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I've decided to have another crack at Nanowrimo this year. I stated my intention to do so last year, but seeing as my youngest son was born just two weeks before it was overly ambitious and I don't think I actually wrote a single word towards my story.

This year though seems as good as any; I have a new computer (running Ubuntu :) ), a fledging writing/worlding building app that I want to roadtest and my wife's decided to keep my company this year in what will be her first Nanowrimo.

This year's project, I'm hoping will scratch an itch that I've long had. It's complete re-write of a project I started when I was still in high school many moons ago. It began as a couple of short stories set in my first fantasy world about a trio of gamblers who find themselves embroiled in a dangerous conflict.

The core of the story and characters is likely to remain the same however I've decided to redraft it into a work of historic fiction, albeit with licence taken with the events and timeline of the period I've chosen. Skimming over the original stories and it makes sence to do so; I had almost zero fantasy elements and borrowed heavily from Early Modern European history.

So here goes again; less than two hours to go until Nanowrimo start and I'm picking threads left untied for more than 15 years.

Wish me luck!

Wow you read this far! This site is archived and no longer maintained. For Chris' main site go to