Day twenty-one -- Weaver Marathon

Posted by Chris Rosser on Mon 21 August 2017
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Saturday was crazy and I spent far too much time on social media and Google analytics after a couple of my posts went viral.

On Sunday, I decided to plant my feet firmly on the ground and what better way than cooking and writing. As with last weekend, I did a big batch of cooking for the week, reaffirming my love with our slow cooker and the big freezer we keep out in the garage. Cooking is one of three physical activities I really enjoy1. It's hands on, methodical, grounding and the output is food for the family. Food is important; food eaten as a family more so.

Sunday afternoon I settled down to write. In fact, Sunday is the one day I find I can write and so recognising this, I make every effort to do so. My chosen venue is usually in my study in the back of the house. Sitting down and connecting my laptop to a keyboard and external monitor makes it feel like work -- not a bad thing when it comes to writing.

This weekend I started and thankfully completed a new scene in roughly 1500 words of so. I forgot to take a screenshot before closing Scrivener and so my session target was nuked. No matter, word count is just a metric.

In the scene I wrote, the stakes are rising rapidly for the antagonist. He must act and quickly but cannot do so directly because of the many pieces he's manipulating on his metaphorical chess board.

Meanwhile, my heroine is in serious trouble and must embark on a spiritual journey.

Two competing interests, two points of conflict. Not bad; hopefully it will make for good reading.

Alas, Sunday was yesterday and now I'm back at work and so much scramble for time in the precious hours I can steal after putting the kids to bed and falling to sleep.

  1. The other two are exercise and...well, I'll just say the third thing is not gardening. 

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