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Posted by Chris Rosser on Wed 06 September 2017
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Late in July I undertook a kind of personal Nanowrimo to (re-)write the last 50,000 words of my novel Weaver of Dreams. August came and went and I fell quite short of the 50,000. I admit, it was a considerably high expectation not least because of project fatigue, because it's a re-write and lastly because its not Nanowrimo. Still, I was pleased with what I achieved and will push on until November. The end is in sight and I will finish the draft by then; it will be rough in places but good enough to get to my alpha reader.

The journal lives on

One thing I enjoyed doing was the act of journalling my progress. This rambling series of updates and tangent thoughts gave voice and shape to my reflections both as I wrote and as I absorbed influences and ideas. This is something I'd like to continue regardless of the project I'm writing.

Conveniently, when I wrote these posts I made the point of using the category journal. This keeps the content nicely separated and I will continue the practice. I may introduce separate RSS feeds for the different categories, fully understanding that my journal, which is deeply personal, will not have the broader appeal that my musings and reviews on technology have.

The blog grows legs

I've been writing more articles lately, which also explains why I didn't reached my goal. Several articles have become rather popular and generated some nice feedback, discussion and even a little praise on social media. Readers have begun to ask my opinions on various apps; developers have reached out to me. This has encouraged me to write more.

I'm planning more software reviews1, more monologues on the writing process and craft, a smattering of historical topics that interest me. I'm also considering expanding on my tutorials, though I admit that might be a little too close to my day job.

I might even touch on the occasional social issue, as I did with my post on Marriage Equality in Australia. For reasons I've already outlined though, I won't stray too far into politics.

The modest growth I've experience has also made me wonder about a site-redesign in the future. I may even change my publishing platform. Last month, I wrote more words for the blog than I did for my novel so I'm looking for a better experience in which to write than I currently use.

Exploring shorter fiction

Of late, I've been wanting to try my hand at shorter works of fiction. Weaver of Dreams is 200,000 words long, a not inconsequential size. With it comes considerable overhead; it takes longer to write and edit. With time comes cost, and when I procure editorial services I'm going to have to outlay quite a lot to get it done professionally.

Time really is the key factor. I have many story ideas (in fantasy and other genre) but I'm not getting any younger. I'm not going to strike rich with Weaver of Dreams; that's not an admission of failure as much as it is the acceptance of reality. Therefore, fiction writing will always be my past time, squeezed into limited timeslots as I negotiate life, a career and fatherhood.

Also, not every idea needs to be expressed in an epic-length manuscript. As a result, I'm looking to explore novel lengths more aligned with mass-market publishers (say 90-100k) as well as writing more novellas and even short stories. This I hope will allow me to increase my output and explore new ideas and new characters.

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