What's new for 2018

Posted by Chris Rosser on Wed 10 January 2018
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It feels like ages since I wrote my last post. I have not been idle!

More on that in a minute.

First I want to reflect briefly on 2017. In the early weeks of 2017, I resolved to write more and I'm pleased to say I did it. My output increased substantially. I started to take this blog more seriously, writing more posts in 2017 than I did in the proceeding 10 years. More importantly, I wrote another book -- in ten weeks.

Last Saturday, I finished the first draft of a contemporary thriller and romance novel, First Byte. As I write this, the manuscript is now in the hands of my Alpha Reader. Ordinarily I'd go through a few drafts before handing out a MS, but this genre is new to me and I need to know if I've got something workable or if it needs to go in the bin. Time will tell, but so far the feedback is encouraging.

It's going to be about six weeks before I start revising First Byte. In the meantime, I'm itching to get back to writing fantasy. Six weeks is probably not enough time to make a significant dent in my rewrite of Weaver of Dreams but that doesn't mean I can't explore more of the world and its characters.

To that end, I'm going to ease my way back in with a couple of short stories exploring some key events preceding the novel. I've two stories in mind. The first (and shorter of the two) is a sort of origin story for one of the main characters in Weaver of Dreams. The second (novella length) is a survival horror piece set just before events of the novel. The linking thread is the setting, which I'm looking forward to building. The setting is something of a lynch pin in Weaver of Dreams.

It's been years since I've attempted to write short stories and novellas, something which I regret and hope to remedy. Twenty years ago, I mostly wrote short stories and novellas and part of me misses the tight and focussed storytelling shorter word lengths encourage.

In coming posts, I'll journal my efforts; since these are greenfield projects, I'm looking forward to trying new idea and techniques.

On the subject of posts, I'm hoping 2018 will be just as productive for blogging as it was for me last year. I'm planning several new reviews (including one of Scrivener 3), tutorials and have started a redesign. I'm even contemplating writing a non-fiction book or two -- though, this idea is a little more lose in my head.

Finally, by the end of this month, I will relaunch my newsletter so now is a good chance to sign up if you'd like to follow me on my 2018 writing journey! Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Wow you read this far! This site is archived and no longer maintained. For Chris' main site go to chrisrosser.net