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Posted by Chris Rosser on Sat 12 January 2019
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So, 2019 is here. The dust of stomping partygoers has settled, and life is beginning to fall into its normal rhythms. I've been back in work a week, struggling to get my routine back on track — first weeks are always the hardest. Melbourne's commuter trains have slowly filled up, and the traffic is back to normal — i.e. insane congestion.

Nevertheless, I've not been idle. Last year was huge for me, and I've been gearing up to make this one even bigger.

So, here's what I'm hoping to do this year!

Books in 2019

2018 was the year I published my first book, but back in January 2018, my outlook was vague. I had just finished writing a contemporary thriller, and The Weaver's Boy was only an idea — a sliver of a story I hoped would get me back to writing fantasy after years of dithering and self-doubt. Boy, did it work, and that little story has turned into a series that's rekindled my love of the genre.

Over the holiday break, I managed to revise my latest book and get it out for review. So far, the feedback has been great, and I've got a lot of praise for the story. If all goes well, and I should have it edited and published by the 1st of March. If you excuse the cricketing (or baseball) metaphor, it will be good to get a few early runs on the board.

But, I want more…

I've set myself a very ambitious target of publishing no less than four books this year. The first will be Cadoc's Contract, followed by books 2 and 3 of The Lords of Skeinhold. Then…I will at last return to my epic novel, Weaver of Dreams, re-written and re-imagined to follow The Lords of Skeinhold.

It's going to take a lot of work and discipline — I may very likely fail, but I owe it to myself, and my readers to try.

Paperback is forthcoming

On a related note, I plan on releasing a paperback anthology containing all four part of The Lord of Skeinhold in a single volume. So, if e-readers aren't your thing, and you prefer paper, I'll have you covered (pun intended).

Podcasting in 2019

After thinking about it for 12 years, I've decided this year I will launch a podcast. I have a tidy little recording studio set up, complete with a DIY vocal booth. I've also commissioned some cover art, which looks fantastic by the way, and I'll be revealing it, along with the name, closer to the launch date.

Mind you, I don't yet have a fixed date for launch — but it will be earlier in the year rather than later. This weekend, I'll record my first episode, but I want a couple lined up ready to go because this is all very new to me. The main reason I won’t yet fix my launch date is that I haven’t decided on the hosting method. Do I self-host it, or do I outsource it to one of the many hosting providers? Time and much reading of Reddit threads will ensue. Another thing I have to do is adapt my static-site generator, Pelican, to deal with the podcast posts, something that will require a little hacking and a bit of HTML/CSS.

My podcast at first will be something of a journal, and director's commentary to my website. I have a theme in mind that's somewhat silly, but it will allow me to explore topics broadly without locking myself in a box. I also hope to have the occasional guest, so that should be a lot of fun!

Keep an eye peeled for news as I post updates in the coming weeks.

Articles and reviews

Over the break, I started an editorial calendar. My blog is doing better than I ever imagined, so this year I've decided I need to be more organised and disciplined in how I create and publish content. I've got several app reviews in the works, lots of articles, and even some tutorials.

The first off the line will be another look at iA Writer. I haven't used Writer since I published my review of version 4 way back in September 2017. A lot's happened since then, my review's been read thousands of times, and is the top ranking iA Writer review on Google. iA Writer's also been updated substantially, and the developer's called me out on Twitter to update my review! So, look for this one soon!


This time last year, I completely revamped my newsletter, turning it from a ramshackle, cobbled together affair, to something I'm genuinely proud of. I only missed one edition, November, because of some significant disruptions in my household.

This year, I'll be looking to deliver even more content to my subscribers, including exclusive content, gifts and special offers. First off, my most engaged readers - those who consistently read my news and clicked through to my website, will get Cadoc's Contract as a free gift -- before its published.

So, if you'd like to join my inner circle, now's a great chance to sign up!

Closing thoughts

Even writing all that out is giving me pause for thought! There's a lot here, but my goodness, I'm going to give a crack!


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