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Posted by Chris Rosser on Mon 11 February 2019
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Late last year I decided I wanted to start promoting the work of other indie authors. This created a minor problem in that it made my newsletters rather long. So, this month I decided to split my newsletter into two monthly editions: Rosser Writes and Rosser's Reads.

Rosser's Reads is a curated list of quality books by independent authors I think my readers would like. The first edition went live on the 3rd of February and the response so far has been encouraging. It's also motivated me to get off my arse and read more.

So, I've decided to launch a new section of my website called funnily enough, Rosser's Reads, in which I'll publish a more detailed review of the best of those curated books I share with my subscribers. Assuming their respective authors are cooperative, I might even invite them to do an author interview or guest post/book tour type thingame.

So, if you love a good read and want to get on board, now's as good time as any to subscribe.

Submissions from authors

Since I don't have endless time to sit down and browse Amazon, I'm open to submissions. So, if you are an author (or know one), and you'd like me to read and feature your book, drop me an email with a brief introduction of yourself, and your blurb -- don't send your book until I ask! Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter.

My tastes are fairly broad: anything from fantasy, sci-fi, to historical fiction or contemporary thrillers will tickle my fancy. I'm not interested in erotica however, or romance novels with topless men bearing chiselled abs.

Given time constraints, I would prefer novellas (i.e. books less than 50k words) rather than door stoppers. I'll write only one review per month and reserve the right the pick and choose. Even if you don't get a full review, I'll very likely include your book in my newsletter.


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Wow you read this far! This site is archived and no longer maintained. For Chris' main site go to