Heroes by World Anvil

Posted by Chris Rosser on Mon 27 May 2019
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When I was wrapping up my review of World Anvil, I received word from those behind the service about an upcoming major release aimed at players and game-masters. While I'm not a RPG gamer (I've never played D&D in my life), I appreciate there's a lot of overlap. Writing a novel and playing a role-playing game are both storytelling, and world-building is an endeavour shared by both the novelist and the game-master.

To that end, a company like WorldAnvil is well-placed to cater for game-masters building their worlds - either from scratch or using some kind of pre-defined ruleset. But world-building is only half of the RPG experience, the other being running the actual game itself.

WorldAnvil has released an updated, called Heroes, that allows game-masters to run a campaign set in the world. As far as I'm aware, this is a unique feature of the service. Obviously, if you are a game-master there's a huge advantage in being able to utilise a single platform for both your world-building and gaming needs. As I understand it, the system even allows spectators as well as GMs and their players.

I'm not in the position to do a formal review of these features (I don't role-play), but I figured I might as well help spread the word, since I concluded in my review the app was a particularly good fit for gamers.

For GM's Heroes offers:

  • A single, straightforward interface to manage game sessions.
  • Compatible with any genre or system, including DIY systems.
  • Quick and easy session prep.
  • Access all world articles and blocks stored on WorldAnvil - and the ability to share them with players and audiences.
  • Keep track of PCs and NPCs.
  • Create parties and manage their quests and equipment.

While for players, Heroes offers:

  • Mobile-friendly UI, so players can use their own smartphones or tablets on the table.
  • One easy interface for every aspect of playing.
  • Keep audiences updated.
  • Take and complete quests.
  • Level up, write journals and gain accolades.

So, while I can't comment directly on the features, I think this update is certainly worth exploring if you are GM in search of a solution to both create your world, and manage your gaming sessions.

Wow you read this far! This site is archived and no longer maintained. For Chris' main site go to chrisrosser.net