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Posted by Chris Rosser on Thu 02 January 2020
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A new year1, a new plan. Thankfully, since I didn’t meet my goals for 2019, I can copy and paste some of them into 2020.

The blog

2019 surprised me. My blog did very well, both in terms of traffic, but also in revenue. It’s not something I can ignore, even if the audience for my blog is different from the readers of my books.

While writing stories is an important part of my life, my interests are varied, and my time is precious. The simple truth is a 2000 word article — which I can write, revise and edit in a matter of days — has a much higher ROI than a 60,000-word novella, which takes months to write and revise, and requires capital investment (editorial, cover design) to bring to market.

So, it makes sense to keep blogging — and blog more, not less. I have a lot of new articles planned for the year, starting with a writeup of my publishing process as promised to one of my readers. Following that, I’ve got several tutorials and reviews planned, so stay tuned!


This year I will publish The Prince’s Bastard and A Man at Arms, concluding The Lords of Skeinhold at last. I am very close to completing the first draft of TPB and about halfway done with AMAA.

I’ve also been writing stories to fill some of the blanks between books. The first, with a working title Cyhyraeth2, chronicles an event in Owain of Langorn’s which I referenced in The Weaver’s Boy. I also started writing another story about the events following that book, which sees Owain returning to Hafran with his master.

Initially, I thought of re-publishing an author’s preferred edition of The Weaver’s Boy topped and tailed with these stories. I’ve decided not to, however — too much work for too little return. I will release those stories, but I’ve yet to decide on how I’ll present them.

Beyond that, I’m hesitant to make promises. The Lords of Skeinhold is the first part of a greater body of work. Once I complete Skeinhold, I can turn my attention to the next part, Weaver of Dreams. Weaver is a significantly larger story and requires substantial rewrites. Much of the work is to ensure continuity with Skeinhold. I’ve yet to decide whether I’ll wrap up the story in a single, large novel, or expand it further. While I’d be overjoyed if I could manage to release it in 2020, last year’s experience has taught me to temper my expectations.

Still, I’m looking forward to the challenge…

Podcast and audiobooks

In the coming months, I will likely relaunch my podcast. The road to full recovery after oral surgery has been long, and I’m not quite there yet as nerve damage persists. Even so, I’m getting to the point where I can talk for more extended periods without slurring my words and becoming exhausted.

I’ve missed podcasting. I love the medium and nerding out with the technology of microphones, interfaces and DAWs. I also have two published books that are long overdue for conversion into audiobooks, a growing medium, and which I enjoy consuming as a reader.

Other plans

My blog’s design needs a refresh, nothing drastic, but I want to clean things up a bit. I’m hoping I can launch that by the end of January.

I’m drawing a lot of maps, and want to experiment with creating character art myself at some point in the year. Mostly that’s part of world-building, but also because I’m tossing up whether or not I write a D&D adventure module based on my setting and stories.

Finally, I’d like to merge two separate projects — my fledging world codex, and my very rough stab at creating interactive maps — into an open-source, self-hosted version of World Anvil, tailored 100% to my requirements.

Concluding thoughts

Okay, that’s probably more than I can chew, and I wanted to temper my ambitions after last year’s failures. Still, there’s no harm in aiming high, I suppose.

Wish me luck, and I hope you can join me along the way!

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  1. A new decade too if you are so inclined. 

  2. The Welsh equivalent of the Irish banshee. 

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