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OmniOutliner review

I review OmniOutliner for macOS, and ask the question 'can it add the outlining features I need to Ulysses or is it better to stick...

Apple changes iTunes affiliate program

Apple removes Mac and iOS apps from their affiliate program, giving the finger to the blogger community who helped spread awareness...

When the well runs dry

Admitting to myself I've burnt out, leads me to find ways I can refuel my creative energies. Rather than resorting to despair, I...

The perils of building a business on Facebook

An article in today's newspaper makes me contemplate the risks of building a business on Facebook.

How I made a book promotion poster

I needed a book poster in a hurry and set about to create one. Here’s the why and the how I did it!

The Weaver's Boy is now available

The Weaver's Boy is now available for download. I take a breath and share a little of what comes next!

Film Review: Ocean’s Eight

After a long overdue date night at the cinema with my wife, I review Ocean’s 8.

Book Review: Fallen Idols

I review Fallen Idols by Australian comic book author, Steven Edwards…and read my first comic in more than 20 years

Three Random Map Generators

I review three open-source, random map generators aimed at fantasy authors, world-builders and table-top gamers.

Why I still use Scrivener

Ten reasons why I still use Scrivener for writing fiction.

Amazon Deforested in Australia

Amazon's decision to geoblock Australia sends shockwaves through the country. I give my perspectives as a long-term customer, an...

The Switch to Ulysses

I make the switch to Ulysses in an effort to streamline my blogging.

Serverless Publishing

I move my website from DigitalOcean to Netlify and enter the world of serverless publishing

Updated privacy policy

With five days before the EU's GDPR becomes Law, I update my privacy policy.

Box office bombs I liked

I air some dirty laundry and reveal some of my favourite box-office bombs in my first film review

Reinstating Comments

I reinstate comments on my blog, using a rather novel approach that's neither automated nor driven by big data

Write! app review

I review a promising, minimalistic writing app for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Weaver's Boy

A excerpt of my forthcoming book, The Weaver's Boy is now available to read.

How to fix a broken ePUB for Smashwords

I show you how to troubleshoot and repair EPUBs generated by InDesign which fail to pass the Smashwords and Apple validators.

An approach to world-building

I posit a single, schematic approach to structuring a world-building project with the aim of using it through all the tutorials in...

Old-school world-building

An old friend calls me out on Twitter after my first article in the series. His prudent question makes me wonder if I could...

World-building for an older, grumpier me

Four years after first publicly positing the idea of developing a world-building app, I decide to have another crack of the...

The Weaver's Boy in WriteToTell Magazine

Extract of The Weaver's Boy to be published next month!

New Site Theme

I launch a new site theme ahead of some cool announcements.

Building Cae Valley

I put my PC project rig to use and start mapping the setting for my fantasy anthology in Adobe PhotoShop.

Book reviews

I enjoy writing reviews and I enjoy reading. I'm planning to bring these two passions together and attempt to write one book review...

MultiMarkdown Composer 4 review

I review MultiMarkdown Composer for macOS as part of my search for my preferred Markdown drafting and editing application.

Collaborative world-building

After reading a post on Facebook about a shared world, I speculate how such a system could work.

Graphics card upgrade

I upgrade the graphics card in my hand-me-down PC desktop and contemplate the fundamental differences between Mac and PC.

What's new for 2018

After briefly looking back at a great 2017, I outline my plans for the first half of 2018.

Nanowrimo 2017 and beyond

I complete Nanowrimo 2017 and outline my plans for what comes next.

Now on

I join, a federated collection of independently hosted blogs (I think!)

How NanoWrimo is changing my writing

With Nanowrimo 2017 shaping up to be as a success, I'm forced to ask some serious questions of my self as a self-styled writer of...

Joining the Dark Side

I contemplate a switch to Wordpress and Ulysses for blogging after four years of using a static-site generator.

Shelving Weaver for Nanowrimo

I temporarily shelve my novel, Weaver of Dreams, so I can concentrate on my project for Nanowrimo 2017

On gratuitousness

I contemplate the rise of Grimdark as the new normal in fantasy and ponder the disconnect between gratuitous writing and the writer's...

Nanowrimo 2017

I reveal my Nanowrimo 2017 project and get an unexpected second bite at Ulysses.

iA Writer Review

After my review of Ulysses on macOS and iOS, I take a close look at its understated but fabulous competitor, iA Writer.

Ode to Netbooks

A query from my mother makes me reflect on the death of netbooks and look at the devices that have replaced them for the mobile text...

Text Editor Conundrum

I'm faced with having to choose between three text editors thanks to some bad timing. In process I confront software pricing in 2017.

Scope and a painful lesson learnt

After a week of reflecting on my novel's scope, I decide the re-write has strayed too far from my original vision.

Why I didn't buy AppleCare

I let my MacBook Air's warranty expire without buying AppleCare and contemplate a shift from laptops to an iMac and iPad combination

Blogging with RSS and Workflow

After being called out on Twitter, I briefly describe how I use RSS and Workflow as blogger's duct tape and Swiss Army Knife.

Being Celtic

Language and culture shape our identity and I contemplate the modern Celtic misnomer and the boiling pot of history, archaeology and...

Weaver marathon no-more

I fall short of my self-imposed word-count and deadline for finishing Weaver of Dreams but decide I rather enjoy journalling my writing.

A Scrivener user reviews Ulysses

I try Ulysses for several weeks and give my impressions as long-term Scrivener user. I'm impressed and ask myself if I could use it...

A second thought on subscriptions

I give more thoughts about the subscription-based software after getting underway with my Ulysses review and listening to the latest...

Automating my publishing system

I detail how a hardware failure and a Zapier mishap led me to automate my publishing process.

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