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Coffee, panties and Jane Austen

After my wife complains to me about a poorly researched historical novel she’s reading, I explore a couple of common mistakes authors...

Interactive fantasy maps

After laying the foundations of an online encyclopaedia, I experiment with creating an interactive map for my fantasy world using...

Historical Blunders

An email from fellow author, Troy A. Hill, has me thinking about some differences between historical fiction and fantasy. I also...

Fiddling with tools

Idle hands are the devil's tools, and mine have been busy creating a technically complex world-building solution. Yet, perhaps an...

The Importance of community

When a young writer unexpectedly reaches out for help, I contemplate the value of communities and reflect how my communities have...

Why I’m quitting political engagement

After realising I'm on the losing side, I decide not to fight for climate action, liberalism and fairness. Yes, no more politics for...

Disaster Recovery

After my house is broken into and my car stolen, I ask myself if my backup strategy and business continuity is robust enough to...

The iPad Experiment

An experiment to record an episode on an iPad using a cheap lav mic and Ferrite.

Heroes by World Anvil

A couple of weeks after publishing my review of World Anvil, they make a pretty big announcement for lovers of table-top role playing...

Writer's Life

After an embarrassing delay, I'm back to whinge about travel, gastro, Amazon Kindle Select and Australia's National Broadband Network.

World Anvil review

I review World Anvil, a very promising and comprehensive app for world-builders, table-top gamers and novelists.

Announcing an author's guide to Scrivener

I announce my intention to create an instructional series on how I use Scrivener. Rather than focusing on features in isolation, I'll...

Talkyard for comments

I decide to trial Talkyard for commenting that’s more mobile and social-media friendly, mostly because my old system was too much work!

Evangeline and the Alchemist - review and author interview

I review Evangeline and the Alchemist and the interview author and fellow Melburnian, Madeleine D'Este

Indie April

To celebrate IndieApril and reaching 10 thousand tweets, I buy up a bunch of books by some terrific indie authors.

Dubious marketeers

I come across another dodgy marketing business on Facebook preying on indie authors and decide to call this one out.

A quick look at Ulysses 15

With the release of Ulysses 15, I review its new features, and ponder my future with the app in the wake of growing competition and a...


After a thought provoking review of Cadoc's Contract on Amazon, I explore the use of profanity in fantasy novels, and wander down yet...

Toxic Fandom

A casual reply to a tweet by Mark Hamill, sees me stepping on egg shells. I admit I don't like the new Star Wars movies, but for...

Magic Rises Fantasy Book Sale

I almost forgot I'd been invited to participate in this group book sale. Get The Weaver's Boy and other great fantasy reads on sale...

The First of Shadows - review and author interview

I review The First of Shadows for Rosser's Reads and then interview author Deck Matthews.

There Be Dragons

After my beta readers tell me I need a map for Cadoc's Contract, I make a map...then I tumble down the rabbit warren of fantasy...

All over the web

I'm interviewed by D. Hart St Martin and The Weaver's Boy is featured by E.J. Dawson, so it's blog and book tours galore!


I launch my first podcast and explain my reasons for doing so...after many years of procrastination, dithering and self-doubt.

Sample Chapter Podcast

I make a guest appearance on Jason A. Meuschke's Sample Chapter Podcast and read Chapter 1 of The Weaver's Boy.

Rosser's Reads

After splitting my newsletter in two, I decide to create a new space on my website to review and promote the best indie authors!

iA Writer 5 review

I return to iA Writer to review version 5, having previously set it aside in favour of Ulysses. I'm very impressed, and I make a...

Winter Fantasy Promotion

Find your next favourite urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or sci-fi romance.

What's new for 2019

I share my plans for 2019. It's a lot, probably too much, but I'm going to give it my all!

Why I switched to G-Suite

After years spent hosting my own email server, I migrate to Google's G-suite for business. I'm not looking back!

Wall Street’s Rotten Apple

The morning news says our stock market will take a beating and it's all Apple's fault. I reflect how silly the world is, and offer my...

Screen-free Sunday

After trialling scree-free Sunday for most of December, I decide to continue it into 2019, and use the opportunity to reconnect with...

2018, a year in review

As I slowly right the ship after the November write-off, I contemplate how I did in 2018. I give myself a pat on the back and tease a...

Top 3 world-building tips

Author Renée Gendron asked me on Twitter my top three world-building tips. Here’s the slightly longer answer than 240 characters!

New Doctor, new direction

After watching the finale of Doctor Who Season 11, I contemplate how theme and social issues have replaced story-arcs as the show's...

Where November went

I lament a disastrous November and aborted Nanowrimo campaign, while flying to Sydney for work. Man...I'm looking forward to the...

Generating Medieval City Maps

I finally answer a reader's question and follow up my popular review of three open-source overland map generators with a review of a...

Updating Nanowrimo Wordcount with Siri Shortcuts

I share a workflow for Siri Shortcuts that lets you update your Nanowrimo word count from your iPhone or iPad

Fancy world-building handouts (advanced!)

Part 2 of my tutorial on making fancy world-building handouts. This time I'm refining my process and adding some automation to make...

On suffrage

I contemplate suffrage and voting rights after Jacinda Ardern's 'Happy Suffrage Day' video leads to an interesting debate on social...

How to make fancy world-building handouts

Mad with envy for the creative power of the DnD community, I set about to make some fancy world-building handouts for my readers...

Taking stock and giving thanks

Writing a post about productivity management makes me appreciate how much I've actually written this year. I reflect on my...

Beorg app review

I rant about task management, review an interesting but flawed IOS app beorg, and ask myself if Emacs and Org-mode is too deep a...

The Weaver's Boy on sale!

It's my birthday this month so to celebrate, The Weaver's Boy is now available for 0.99c for a limited time.

Three months with Ulysses

I reflect on three months of using Ulysses, pony up for the annual subscription, and ponder if I’ll ever use it for writing fiction.

Update — Cadoc's Contract

A troublesome story blows out in size but at last I've finished the first draft. I give up pantsing for good and pledge to give this...

Why and where I use advertising

A reader's dislike for advertising prompts me to answer the question of why I advertise on my blog. I ponder whether it's time to...

Flags ahoy my hearties!

When my book, The Weaver's Boy, is pirated and sold illegally, I reflect on piracy, DRM and the hidden risks of going wide.

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